Project Description

Joanne Willis

Age: 31/03/1972
Skin: Balyirri
Language: Millstream Tableland
Tribe: Yindjibarndi

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Joanne started painting in March 2008, she started sketching her designs on paper and watching her family painting. Joanna decided to have ago at putting one of her sketches onto canvas the painting won her a prize at the Cossack Art Awards.

In-between looking after her family she tries to do her painting from home and in the centre, coming into the centre to paint with her family, getting inspirations the other artist and mentors.

Group Exhibitions

2008 Colours of Our Country, Rio Tinto, Perth, WA
2009 Colours of Our Country, Rio Tinto, Perth, WA
2010 Solo Exhibition Yinjaa-Barni Art, Japingka Gallery, Perth


2008 Cossack Art Awards: Painting any Medium or Theme

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