Ngurra Nyingu Art Exhibition 2014

  • We are from this country 2014

Ngurra Nyingu Art Exhibition 2014

We Are From This Country

10 – 21 November 2014 | Monday to Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm
Woodside Plaza Foyer
240 St Georges Terrace, Perth

‘Harding Dam Lake’ 
Hard Dam Lake was our Harding River.
When we get a big cyclone our river fills up.

Clifton Mack from Yinjaa-Barni Art
Clifton started painting in mid 2001, while participating in a tertiary education course. Clifton’s art represents his country and its stories, bush tools, and native flora and fauna. While expressing his inner love for his land and his culture using the traditional aboriginal dotting technique, Clifton succeeds in producing beautiful artwork in a highly individual style.

Sharing the stories of the West Pilbara

Now in its seventh year, the Ngurra Nyingu (We Are From This Country) Exhibition showcases artists of the West Pilbara and shares the stories of its people and culture.

Our commitment

Woodside and its joint venture participants in Pluto LNG are proud to again host the Ngurra Nyingu (We Are From This Country) Exhibition in 2014. The Exhibition is one of Pluto LNG’s cornerstone community activities, supporting Indigenous artists from the West Pilbara to share their culture, country and stories through artwork.

Pluto LNG also supports a range of programs and resources activities identified as important to the Traditional Custodians of the West Pilbara. We work alongside Indigenous communities to provide opportunities that contribute to a sustainable future. We are delivering and supporting programs in the West Pilbara in the areas of education, training, employment, business participation, governance, community volunteering, youth, arts and community events. Full details of these programs are set out in Woodside’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

Additionally, Pluto LNG is committed to protect, preserve and promote the National Heritage Listed values of the Dampier Archipelago through its Conservation Agreement with the Australian Government.

The artists

The artists displaying work at the Ngurra Nyingu (We Are From This Country) Exhibition are drawn from the towns of Roebourne, Karratha and Wickham, as well as the Indigenous communities of Cheeditha, Weymul and Ngurawaana.

Many of the artworks tell the stories associated with the Burrup Peninsula. Referred to as the storybook of the Pilbara, it is a place of great spiritual significance and is thought to be the place where mythological creatures emerged from the sea and began their travels across the land. Featured artists have been drawn from the Roebourne Art Group, Yinjaa-Barni Art and individual Roebourne-based artists.