Jarman Island (Lighthouse )


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Jarman Island is just off the Pilbara coast near the old port of Cossack at the mouth of the Harding River.This is where Clifton started to paint. It is an old historical site with its lighthouse and lighthouse keepers quarters, constructed by prisoners from Malaysia, the Philippines, China and Arabian countries. The majority of these men were from the pearling fleet which would be laid up in Cossack during the cyclone season. When the tide was out, food and supplies would be sent from Cossack to the island by hand driven rail track. Today you can still see the tracks on the edge of the beach. Clifton has painted the seagulls feet on the island, and the sea and sky behind it.


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Catalogue Number: 5190-19

Size: 305x305mm: Acrylic / Texture on Canvas