Project Description

Ninarae Wally

Age: 11/04/1984
Language: Yindjibarndi

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Since her interest in art was stimulated by joining the Bujee-Nhoorr-Pu group when it started, Nina-rae has developed a love of the opportunity for self-expression through her work. She can combine her feelings for the landscape with the traditional techniques of dot-work or adopt a bolder, more contemporary style in her images of flora.

Nina-rae also enjoys sewing and working with textile media. She is anticipating future opportunities to build her abilities in this area. The opportunity to explore dimensional studies through woodwork and the creation of three dimensional works through her training has uncovered another interesting and stimulating area for her future development as an artist.

Group Exhibitions

2016 Colours of our Country, Rio Tinto, Exhibition, Perth WA
2012 Ngurra Nyingu, Woodside, Perth, WA
2012 Colours of our Country, Rio Tinto Exhibition, Perth, WA
2008 Colours of our Country, Perth, WA

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